Wednesday, January 26

Raw hummingbird cake with rough leaf pinneapple

This cake was dedicated to love and to life and the passing of a dear
friends mama.
It was my first go at creating a raw food version of hummingbird cake.
Dates soaked in lemon juice and a little water
A spoon of coconut oil
Organic Dessicated coconut
That was it?
Flesh of half a rough leaf pineapple and
A banana mooshed up I used a knife and my hands but you could use a
A few spoons of white chia seed
Left to gel up for half an hour
And a spoon of coconut oil for extra firmness.
I took it along to an Opa! gig, complete with floral grandma plate and
bone knife, and shared it amongst the wild gypsy dancing.

A lucheon plate

Cauliflower 'rice' with fresh dill, olive oil and ume su
Dried olives
Pine nuts
Cos lettuce, avocado and sweet basil

Thursday, January 13

Zucc cut into 'fettacini' strips
Marinated in lemon juice, salt and olive oil for half hour
A pesto
A dozen hazelnuts
A few good handfuls of sweet basil
1/4 purple salad onion
Salt, lemon juice
Half an avocado
A sliced mushroom and a few sundried tomatoes mixed through the pasta
with the pesto
Topped with fresh tomatoes and torn basil

It's all about plums here

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